A spa day with Dove beauty bar and Barba Skin Clinic

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Hoy les quiero contar de esta experiencia. Hace un par de dias atrás recibí un Hydro facial en Barba skin clinic ubicada en Biscayne Blv. La invitación fue para probar la barra de jabón de Dove, recibir un increíble facial y salir mas contenta que nunca!

Les cuento que la clínica es increíble, tuve un super rato junto a la doctora Alicia, donde conversamos sobre la piel y como ya saben que soy super curiosa le dije que nos compartiera sus tips mas indispensables para el verano.

Tips para el cuidado de tu piel durante el verano

1. Nunca salgas de casa sin crema hidratante y protector solar. Esto no solamente te protegerá del sol sino que a su vez la crema hidratante funciona como una barrera protectora de tu piel. El protector solar se aplica hasta la linea del cabello, el cuello, orejas y labios. Y este debemos aplicarlo cada 2 horas.

2. Verifica tus productos de cuidado de la piel cuando cambia la temporada, algunos de estos pueden no trabajar de la misma manera si te encuentras expuesta al sol. La doctora Alicia recomienda cambiar la rutina de tu piel con el cambio de temporada.

No se debe usar retinoides, ácidos glicolicos ya que nos podemos manchar.

3. Limpiarnos la piel no debe ser un proceso donde esta quede seca, o con sensación de resequedad, nuestra piel contiene muchas proteínas y lípidos los cuales son necesarios para la misma. No queremos desbalancear el Ph de nuestra piel luego de limpiarnos la cara, ya que esto es el causante de rosacea, picazón, resequedad. Por eso nos encanta barra de belleza Dove porque algo tan sencillo como una barra de jabón nos limpia y a la vez nos hidrata.

Les invito a probar esta barrita ta increíble, los resultados los van a sentir en el instante, y para mi desde que la probe esta en la ducha, en el lavamanos, y es de fácil uso. No tenemos excusas chicas para tener una piel limpia e hidratada.

Las quiero!


Warm Weather Skincare: Myths & Secrets

With Memorial Day weekend around the corner, it’s like the unofficial kick-off to summer. Women are looking for ways to best prep their skin for the hottest time of year, so they can flaunt their summer ready skin with no worries. Dove spokesperson and beauty expert, Latina dermatologist Dr. Alicia Barba wants to ensure you don’t forget to care for the most visible and largest organ of your body – your skin! Below she shares her top five popular skincare myths this season, along with her best advice on how to look and feel your best this season and always.

  • Myth: “ Since I’m Latina with olive or darker skin tone, I’m not as risk for skin cancer”

  • Truth: A common misconception in skincare in women of color is that we are immune to getting skin cancer and that we do not need yearly skin exams. This is not true and in fact, skin cancer in Latino patient populations in the US is on the rise. The American Academy of Dermatology has developed specific out reach for the Latino Community and says: “People of all races and colors can develop skin cancer. When skin cancer develops in people with darker skin, it is often diagnosed at a later stage, especially melanoma.” The golden rule: WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY! Your skin is the largest human organ, and it is the most visible. No matter what season we’re in, know that the skin constantly absorbs ultraviolet aging rays like a sponge, which then damage your DNA, collagen and cause pigment abnormalities later in life.

  • Myth: “There is nothing I can do about my “manchas” or darkspots since I’m Latina, and prone to them.”

  • Truth: Women of color are definitely more prone to hyperpigmentation due to unknown genetic factors that cause the melanocyte to produce more localized pigment when exposed to sun, hormones or inflammation.. However, we can take preventative measures like not picking at acne or bites, and use sunblock to avoid spots from getting worse. Prevention is key!

  • Myth: “I can’t wash my face with the same cleanser I use on my body.”

  • Truth: Everyone loves a dual action product, and certain cleansers are gentle enough to care for both your face and body. As the #1 Dermatologist recommended skin cleansing bar, Dove Beauty Bar Sensitive Skin provides superior care over premium cleansing bars. Its ¼ moisturizing cream and gentle formula will leave your skin soft, smooth, and does not dry skin like soap can. Bonus tip: save space when traveling this season by using this beauty bar to wash your face & body, your skin will thank you!

  • Myth: “My diet doesn’t have an impact on my skin.”

  • Truth: Many of the fried fast foods found in our ethnic communities not only contribute to weight problems but skin problems too. Although diet related skin conditions are hard to quantify, I always say, if it is affecting your waist line, affecting the arteries in your heart, you can be sure it is affecting your skin, the largest organ in the body. It is best to learn how to modify the way we cook our favorite foods so that they have less fat and balance them with greens and low carbohydrate, high protein rich food like beans (boiled and "not refritos.").

  • Myth: “Expensive skincare products are always better for you.”

  • Truth: Definitely not! There are many "active ingredients" that have been tried and tested and proven to work, that do not have to cost a lot of money. A good sunscreen can be less than $12, and the same goes for body washes and antiperspirants, a key essential as the weather heats up! One of my favorites is Dove Invisible Dry Spray, it provides 48-hour odor and wetness protection, ¼ moisturizers AND leaves no white marks on 100 colors of clothing all for under $6 – with those triple benefits, you get a real bang for your buck, while also caring for your skin.

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