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“I believe in individuality, in highlighting it, not hiding it. Because true beauty is not put on, it awakens.”

Hello, I'm Daniknows, a passionate makeup artist with 10 years of experience in the fascinating world of film, music videos, and beautifying celebrities. Throughout my journey, I've had the fortune of working on movies, bringing my creativity and skills to breathe life into characters on the big screen.

Music videos have been another exciting realm where I get to express my art. Being part of projects that combine music and visualization is thrilling, and I've had the privilege of working with renowned artists, contributing to bringing their creative vision to life through makeup.

One of the most thrilling experiences of my career has been working with celebrities. Meeting and beautifying influential personalities in the entertainment world has been a constant source of inspiration. I take pride in knowing that I've been part of their image for significant events and public appearances.

Another captivating aspect of my work is special effects makeup. This is where I can let my imagination run wild and bring creatures and characters beyond the ordinary to life. Creating special effects is a challenge I immensely enjoy, and it's fulfilling to see the final result on the screen.

Throughout my journey, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with major beauty industry brands, which has allowed me to stay at the forefront of the latest trends and contribute to the development of new products and campaigns.

The most valuable aspect of this journey has been the wonderful people I've met along the way. I've forged lasting friendships with directors, actors, musicians, and other colleagues, creating a creative circle that propels me to keep pushing my boundaries.

I feel grateful and excited for the upcoming challenges that await me in this exhilarating industry. Makeup is my passion and vocation, and each day presents an opportunity to continue learning, growing, and leaving my artistic mark in the world of entertainment.

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